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Hourly is the platform for small and medium businesses that connects the dots between time cards, payroll and workers comp. One app, one solution. Most businesses rely on a dated paper time tracking process to manage hourly employees, which is inaccurate, prone to fraud and lacks necessary real-time data. Existing automated time tracking solutions provide complicated integrations to payroll with no real-time analytics, making the process cumbersome and susceptible to errors. Inherent disconnect between time tracking, payroll and workers compensation insurance, three integral pieces necessary to effectively manage hourly workforce. Many businesses overpay for workers comp insurance due to inability to optimize class code allocation.

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Following User Centered Design process to investigate what problem is the app solving for both employers and employees.


Understand the market and different solutions provided by other player in the industry such as Gusto, ADP or paychecks.

User Personas

The next step was creating user personas to influence design decisions and a reminder of who is the real target for the app.

User Flows

In this step critical paths for the app where defined such as creating your company, adding locations, tasks and running payroll.


Once the user flows are approved the sketching process begins and the MPV's for each of the critical paths are addressed.

Iterations and User Testing

Testing all the user flows and receiving early feedback gives the opportunity to adjust and deliver the solutions for the final users.

The solution

And intuitive interface allows company owners to integrate Mobile Time Tracking, Payroll Services, Workers Compensation in Real Time Analytics.