July 2021

Clock In / Out - UX/UI


Product Design


iOS and Android


User flows & User Interface
Clock In / Out - UX/UI


Hourly collects time, task and location data from employees in real-time so employers can get accurate data from their employees and run payroll in minutes.

Business Request:

Employees should be able to clock in and out from their native app on iOS or Android Devices.

User Research
& Challenges

  • Most users are not tech-savvy and work in construction or service industries.
  • Primarily used outdoors with both low-end and high-end phones.
  • The UI must support Spanish and English based on the user’s configuration. 


Clock in flow

An intuitive step-by-step flow eliminating margin errors. 

Lunch Break Flow

Clock Out Flow

Once the user is done with their shift, a son modal is presing out. This action brings backreen, ready for the next day.