June 2018

Hourly - Branding




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Hourly - Branding


Crafting a logo for Hourly was an exciting journey, driven by the desire to capture the heart and soul of the company's mission: aiding small business owners in managing payroll and tracking time effortlessly. As a pivotal component of the brand's identity, the logo aimed to infuse Hourly with professionalism, approachability, and a modern touch.

User Research
& Challenges

Branding for apayroll and time tracking company poses challenges in establishing trust, differentiation, simplicity, and consistency. Trust is crucial due to handling sensitive data, while differentiation is vital in a competitive market. Simplifying complex services for easy understanding is essential, as is maintaining consistency across various platforms. Overcoming these challenges demands strategic thinking, creativity, and a deep understanding of the target audience's needs and perceptions.



The logo was optimized to maintain clarity and legibility across different screen sizes and resolutions. Careful consideration was given to factors such as scalability and color contrast to ensure that the logo remains crisp and recognizable, whether displayed on a desktop monitor or a mobile device.


In crafting the logo variations for Hourly, special attention was paid to creating high-contrast options to enhance visibility and legibility across different backgrounds and contexts. Variations with bold color combinations or defined borders ensured prominence against light or dark backgrounds, while monochrome and grayscale versions maintained clarity in situations with limited color reproduction.

Color Selection

The color palette was meticulously curated to evoke trustworthiness and a modern aesthetic. A dark blue was selected as the primary color due to its associations with stability, reliability, and trust, aligning perfectly with Hourly's focus on supporting small business owners. Vibrant accents were strategically introduced, enhancing visual interest while complementing the primary blue tones. This balanced blend of traditional and modern colors. Hourly's brand seeks to resonates with a modern audience, ensuring that the company's visual identity embodies its values of reliability, innovation, and approachability

App icons

In native iOS and Android apps, the logo was designed to seamlessly integrate with the respective platform's design guidelines while retaining its distinct identity. This involved adapting the logo to fit within the app's layout and ensuring compatibility with different screen orientations and device types. Attention was also given to iconography and sizing to ensure consistency with other app elements.


As part of the branding design process for Hourly, careful consideration was given to font selection to ensure optimal readability and visual consistency across different devices and platforms. Two font recommendations were included: Roboto for web and Android devices, and SF font for iOS devices. Roboto, known for its clarity and versatility, was chosen for web applications and Android devices to ensure seamless integration with Google's Material Design guidelines and to provide a cohesive user experience

On the other hand, SF font, the standard system font for iOS devices, was selected to maintain consistency with Apple's design language and to ensure that the logo maintains its intended visual appeal on iOS platforms.

By recommending these specific fonts for different platforms, Hourly ensured that its brand maintains its integrity and readability across various devices while adhering to platform-specific design conventions.

Additional Elements

As part of the brand identify a series of additional elements where design to be used with the brand.


Login screen and onboarding for mobile using some of the additional brand elements design for the brand.


Throughout the design process, emphasis was placed on creating a logo that not only reflects the essence of Hourly's brand identity but also functions effectively across all digital and print platforms, ensuring a cohesive and impactful visual presence across all touchpoints.